§1 Definitions


  1.     Postal address - name and surname or institution, location (in the case of a town divided into streets: street, building number, apartment or apartment number) postal code; town.
  2.     Complaint address:

QFV Ewa Petrykowska-Kędzierska

ul. Piotrkowska 21/3

81-502 Gdynia

  1.     Contact:

QFV Ewa Petrykowska-Kędzierska

ul. Piotrkowska 21/3

81-502 Gdynia


QFV Ewa Petrykowska-Kędzierska

ul. Piotrkowska 21/3

81-502 Gdynia

e-mail: hi@petlikeshop.com

telefon: 695 846 210

  1.     Price list and delivery terms - delivery service is provided by Fedex, delivery cost: PLN 15 (prepayment) in Poland. Foreign shipments made by GLS, according to the company tariff, depending on the recipient country.
  2.     Proof of purchase - invoice, bill or receipt issued under the Goods and Services Tax Act of March 11, 2004, as amended, and other applicable laws.
  3.     Product card - a single page containing information about a single product.
  4.     Customer - legal person of legal age, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality and having the capacity to perform legal transactions, making a purchase directly related to the business or professional activity of the Seller.
  5.     Civil Code - Act of Civil Code of April 23, 1964, as amended.
  6.     Code of good practice - a set of rules of conduct, and in particular the ethical and professional standards referred to in Article 2 5 of the Act on Counteracting Unfair Market Practices of 23 August 2007, as amended.
  7. Consumer - legal entity of full age who has full legal capacity, who makes a purchase from a Seller not related directly to his business or profession.
  8. Basket - a list of products made out of the products offered in the shop based on Buyer's choices.
  9. Buyer - both Consumer and Customer.
  10. Place of issue - postal address or collection point indicated in the order by the Buyer.
  11. Moment of issue of the item - the moment at which the Buyer or a third party designated by him takes possession of the item.
  12. Payment -method of payment for the subject of the contract and the delivery visible under each product. Available forms of payment are: transfer and online payment. The customer using online payment also has the ability to make transactions with the card:

Visa * Visa Electron * MasterCard * MasterCard Electronic * Maestro

In case of necessity to return the funds for the transaction made by the customer with a payment card the Seller makes a return to the bank account assigned to the payer's payment card.

The online payment service provider is DialCom24 Sp. With o.o. The security of online payments is provided by DialCom24 Sp. Z o.o. (Przelewy24.pl).

  1. Consumer Law - Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014.
  2. Product - the minimum and indivisible quantity of items that can be the subject of the order, and which is given in the seller's shop as a measuring unit when determining its price (price / unit).
  3. Subject of the contract - the products and the deliveries that are the subject of the contract.
  4. Przedmiot świadczenia – przedmiot umowy.
  5. Pickup point - Place of issue of the item not the postal address listed in the statement made available by the Seller in the store.
  6. Item – A movable item that is or may be the subject of a contract
  7. Shop - an online service available at petlikeshop.com, through which the buyer can place an order.
  8. Seller

Shop www.petlikeshop.com is run by:

QFV Ewa Petrykowska-Kędzierska

ul. Piotrkowska 21/3


NIP: 9581491693, REGON: 366407933

BANK ACCOUNT: mBank 62 1140 2004 0000 3002 7666 7594.

  1. System – A team of interoperable IT and software devices that provide processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data over telecommunication networks using a network-specific endpoint, commonly referred to as the Internet.
  2. Delivery time - the number of hours or working days indicated on the product card.
  3. Contract - an agreement concluded away from business premises or at a distance within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014 for Consumers and a sale agreement within themeaning of art. 535 Civil Code of April 23, 1964, in the case of Buyers.
  4. Order - statement of the will of the Buyer made through the shop clearly defining: type and quantity of products; Type of delivery; payment method; place of issue of the item, the Buyer's data and directing the conclusion of the contract between the Buyer and the Seller.


§2 General terms


  1.     The contract is concluded in Polish or English, pending on the language option selected, in accordance with Polish law and these regulations.
  2.     Place of issue must be located in the place specified by the Buyer.
  3.     The Seller is obliged and obliges to provide the service and deliver the item free of defects.
  4.     All prices quoted by the Seller are expressed in PLN or Euro and are gross prices (including VAT). Product prices do not include the cost of delivery, which is: Poland 15 zł (prepaid), international shipments, according to the tariff of the company (GLS) depending on the recipient country.
  5.  All dates are calculated according to art. 111 of the Civil Code, that is, the deadline in days ends with the end of the last day, and if the beginning of the date marked in days is a certain event, is not taken into account when calculating the date of the day in which this event occurred.
  6.  Confirmation, access, consolidation, securing of all relevant provisions of the agreement to access this information in the future takes place in the form of:

a)    confirmation of the order to the indicated e-mail address

b)    attaching to the completed order, sent to the indicated by the Buyer place printed purchase certificate and model withdrawal form.

  1.     The Seller informs of any third party warranties for the products in the store.
  2.     The Seller shall not charge any fees for communication with him using the means of distance communication and the Buyer shall bear the costs thereof in the amount resulting from the contract he has entered into with a third party providing his services with a remote communication service.
  3.     Buyers may use the option to store their data by the store to facilitate the process of placing another order. For this purpose the Buyer should provide the login and password required to access his account. Login and password are a string of characters set by the Buyer, who is obliged to keep them secret and protect them from unauthorized access to third parties. The Buyer has the ability to view, correct, update and delete the account at any time.
  4. The Seller does not comply with the code of good practice.


§3 Conclusion and execution of contract


  1.   Orders can be placed 24 hours a day.
  2.   In order to place an order, the Buyer shall perform at least the following actions, some of which may be repeated:

a)    adding product to the basket

b)    choice of delivery

c)    choice of payment type

d)    choosing delivery address

e)    placing orders in the shop using the "order" button.

  1.   Conclusion of a contract with the consumer takes place when the order is placed.
  2.   Execution of order, if the payment for order is made by bank transfer or via electronic payment system (at card payments, the time of order realization is counted from the moment of obtaining a positive authorization) is done after the Consumer’s payment is booked on the Seller's account, which should be done within 30 days of placing an order, unless the Consumer was unable to pay from his or her fault and informed the Seller thereof.
  3.   The conclusion of the contract with the Customer occurs at the moment of acceptance of the order by the Seller, which he informs the Customer within 48 hours of placing the order.
  4.   Execution of order, if the payment for order is made by bank transfer or via electronic payment system (at card payments, the time of order realization is counted from the moment of obtaining a positive authorization) is done after the Consumer’s payment is booked on the Seller's account
  5.   Submission of the subject of the contract occurs within the time specified on the product card, and for multi-product orders within the longest deadline specified on the product tab. The run of the term starts when the contract is executed.
  6.   Shipment of order is executed within the deadline specified on the product card, and for multi-product orders for the longest deadline specified on the product tabs. The run of the term starts when the contract is executed.
  7.   The subject of the contract is purchased together with the Buyer's selected sales document sent to the Buyer selected by the Buyer to the place of delivery specified by the Buyer, enclosed with the enclosed appendices referred to in §2 (6b).
  8.                 The object of the contract is sent together with the sales document selected by the Buyer to delivery address specified by the Buyer together with enclosed appendices referred to in §2 point 6b.

§4 Right to withdraw from the contract


  1.     The Consumer is entitled under Art. 27 Consumer rights right to withdraw from a distance contract, without giving a reason and without incurring costs, except for the costs referred to in art. 33, art. 34 Consumer Law.
  2.     Time to withdraw from a distance contract is 14 days from the date of issue of the item, and it is sufficient to send a statement before its expiry.
  3.     The consumer may submit Declaration of withdrawal on the form, the model of which is Annex 2 to the Consumer Law or in another form in accordance with the Consumer Law.
  4.     The Seller will promptly confirm to the Consumer on the e-mail (given at the conclusion of the contract and if given in the statement made) receive a withdrawal notice.
  5.     W przypadku odstąpienia od umowy, umowa jest uważana za niezawartą.
  6.     Konsument ma obowiązek zwrócić rzecz Sprzedającemu niezwłocznie, jednak nie później niż 14 dni od dnia, w którym odstąpił od umowy. Do zachowania terminu wystarczy odesłanie rzeczy przed jego upływem.
  7.     Konsument odsyła rzeczy będące przedmiotem umowy, od której odstąpił na własny koszt i ryzyko.
  8.      Konsument nie ponosi kosztów dostarczania treści cyfrowych, które nie są zapisane na nośniku materialnym, jeżeli nie wyraził zgody na spełnienie świadczenia przed upływem terminu do odstąpienia od umowy lub nie został poinformowany o utracie przysługującego mu prawa odstąpienia od umowy w chwili udzielania takiej zgody lub przedsiębiorca nie dostarczył potwierdzenia zgodnie z art. 15 ust. 1 i art. 21 ust. 1. Prawa konsumenckiego.
  9.     Konsument ponosi odpowiedzialność za zmniejszenie wartości rzeczy będącej przedmiotem umowy a będące wynikiem korzystania z niej w sposób wykraczający poza konieczny do stwierdzenia charakteru, cech i funkcjonowania rzeczy.
  10. Sprzedający niezwłocznie, nie później niż w terminie 14 dni od dnia otrzymania oświadczenia o odstąpieniu od umowy złożonego przez Konsumenta zwróci Konsumentowi wszystkie dokonane przez niego płatności, w tym koszty dostarczenia rzeczy, a jeżeli Konsument wybrał sposób dostawy inny niż najtańszy zwykły sposób dostarczenia oferowany przez Sprzedającego, Sprzedający nie zwróci Konsumentowi dodatkowych kosztów zgodnie z art 33 Prawa konsumenckiego.
  11. Sprzedający dokonuje zwrotu zapłaty przy użyciu takiego samego sposobu płatności, jakiego użył Konsument, chyba że Konsument wyraźnie zgodził się na inny sposób płatności, który nie wiąże się dla niego z żadnymi kosztami.
  12. Sprzedający może wstrzymać się ze zwrotem zapłaty otrzymanej od Konsumenta do chwili otrzymania rzeczy z powrotem lub dostarczenia przez Konsumenta dowodu jej odesłania, w zależności od tego, które zdarzenie nastąpi wcześniej.
  13. Konsumentowi zgodnie z art 38 Prawa konsumenckiego nie przysługuje prawo do odstąpienia od umowy:

a)  w której przedmiotem świadczenia jest rzecz nieprefabrykowana, wyprodukowana według specyfikacji konsumenta lub służąca zaspokojeniu jego zindywidualizowanych potrzeb;

b)  w której przedmiotem świadczenia są rzeczy, które po dostarczeniu, ze względu na swój charakter, zostają nierozłącznie połączone z innymi rzeczami;


§5 Seller's liability and complaint procedure


  1.     Sprzedający zobowiązany jest do dostarczenia produktu  w stanie wolnym od wad.
  2.     Klient ma prawo złożyć reklamacje. Reklamacja winna być złożona na piśmie lub z wykorzystaniem odpowiedniej funkcjonalności witryny Sklepu  na adres wskazany w § 1 pkt 2.
  3.     O ile reklamacja dotyczy wadliwości produktu,  reklamowany towar wysyłany jest od reklamującego za pośrednictwem kuriera lub Poczty Polskiej na koszt reklamującego.
  4.     Sklep  nie przyjmuje przesyłek odsyłanych za pobraniem.
  5.     Złożona reklamacja powinna zawierać kserokopię dowodu akupu, wypełniony formularz reklamacji/zwrotu. Jeżeli Kupujacy zamierza skorzystać z uprawnień gwarancyjnych do reklamacji powinna zostać załączona karta gwarancyjna (o ile została dołączona do produktu). Zastosowanie się do powyższych wymogów nie jest warunkiem rozpatrzenia reklamacji, jednakże pozwoli na jej sprawniejsze załatwienie.
  6.     Reklamowany produkt powinien zostać przesłany w opakowaniu umożliwiającym bezpieczny transport do specjalistycznego serwisu.  Dopuszczalne jest zastosowanie opakowania zastępczego, jednak musi ono gwarantować odpowiednią ochronę podczas transportu.
  7.     Reklamowany Produkt  powinien posiadać pełne, oryginalne wyposażenie.
  8.     Do reklamowanego Produktu  powinien zostać dołączony opis uszkodzeń wraz z podaną sytuacją kiedy (w jakiej sytuacji) dana usterka występuje; opis taki winien być jak najbardziej dokładny. Opisu tego można i należy również dokonać podczas składania reklamacji
  9.     Brak wyraźnego, pisemnego zastrzeżenia przez Kupującego, że korzysta on z uprawnień z tytułu rękojmi oznacza, że Kupującego korzysta z uprawnień z tytułu gwarancji udzielonej przez producenta lub dystrybutora.
  10. Sklep poinformujeKupującego, o uwzględnieniu, względnie odrzuceniu reklamacji w terminie 14 dni od momentu otrzymania przesyłki reklamacyjnej.
  11. Reklamowany Produkt  jest odsyłany kupującemu w terminie 7 dni od rozpatrzenia reklamacji.


§6 Privacy policy and personal data security


  1.     The Seller is the administrator of the personal data provided by the Consumer.
  2.     The Seller is obliged to protect personal data in accordance with the The Seller undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95 / 46 / EC - general regulation on data protection (RODO). The Buyer, when submitting his / her personal details to the Seller, agrees to their processing by the Seller in order to fulfill the order placed. The Buyer has the ability to view, correct, update and delete his / her personal data at any time.
  3.     Detailed rules for the collection, processing and storage of personal data used for order processing by the Store are described in the Privacy Policy.


§7 Final provisions


  1.     Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to infringe Buyer's rights. Neither can it be interpreted as in the case of non-compliance of any part of the Rules with the applicable law the Seller declares absolute subordination and application of that right in place of the contested provision of the Rules of Procedure.
  2.     The current version of the Terms and Conditions is always available to the Buyer on the terms and conditions tab.  During the execution of the order and during the whole period of after-sales care of the Buyer, the regulations accepted by him during the ordering process are in force. Except when the Consumer considers him to be less favorable than the current one, he shall inform the Seller of the current selection as valid.
  3.     The Seller does not provide services for which the minimum duration of the obligation can be determined in accordance with Article 12 sec. 1 point 17 of the Consumer Law.
  4.     When selling in the Store, digital content functionality and interoperability of digital content with computer hardware and software do not exist.
  5.     The Seller is owner of all copyright to the materials contained on the site, so please contact us for permission to copy them or use them in any other way.
  6.     All names and trademarks used in the text and on the Store page are trademarks of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only. The Buyer is under no circumstances entitled to use these marks.
  7.     In order to use the services provided under these Terms and Conditions, the User should have: Internet Browser: Internet Explorer version not older than 7.0 or Mozilla FireFox version not earlier than 3.0 or Chrome (all versions) or Opera version not older than 2 , Java Script enabled, active email address.
  8.     In matters not covered by this Regulation, the applicable legal regulations shall apply. Disputable issues, if the Consumer expresses such will, is solved by way of mediation proceedings before the Provincial Inspectorates of Trade Inspection or the arbitration court process at the Voivodship Inspectorate of Trade Inspection or by equivalent and pre-trial pre-trial or out-court resolution of disputes specified by the Consumer. Finally, the matter is resolved by the local and substantive court.